Insurance for Mobility Scooters: Ulitmate Guide

Having a mobility scooter can dramatically improve one’s quality of life, giving freedom and independence to individuals who may otherwise face mobility challenges. 

However, owning a mobility scooter also brings along certain responsibilities, one of them being securing the right insurance coverage. 

Similar to owning a car, owning a mobility scooter exposes the owner to certain risks which can be financially overwhelming without adequate insurance coverage.

This article aims to act as a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about insurance for mobility scooters. 

We’ll cover types of insurance you may need, cost factors, what’s typically covered and what’s not, and even the legal requirements associated with owning and operating a mobility scooter. 

This guide will be an invaluable resource to anyone who is considering investing in a mobility scooter and wants to make sure they are fully informed about all the financial considerations, including insurance.

Key Takeaways

  • Insurance Type: Mobility scooters require specialized insurance, which typically covers theft, damage, and public liability. Insurance can often be purchased from the same companies that sell the mobility scooters, but it’s also available from dedicated mobility equipment insurance providers.
  • Cost: The cost of insuring a mobility scooter can vary widely depending on a range of factors such as the value of the scooter, the level of coverage desired, and the owner’s personal details. However, you can generally expect to pay somewhere between $50 and $200 per year.
  • Coverage: Standard coverage typically includes theft, accidental damage, and public liability. Some insurers also offer additional coverage options such as recovery and breakdown services, personal accident cover, and cover for personal belongings.
  • Exclusions: While insurance policies for mobility scooters are quite comprehensive, there are typically certain exclusions. For example, damage or loss caused by leaving the scooter unattended in public places or using the scooter for anything other than personal mobility needs may not be covered.
  • Legal Requirement: In some jurisdictions, it’s a legal requirement to have insurance for a mobility scooter. This is especially the case if you plan on using your scooter on public roads or other public places. It’s always best to check local laws and regulations to ensure you’re compliant.

What Kind of Insurance Should You Get for a Mobility Scooter?

When it comes to insuring your mobility scooter, not all insurance policies are created equal. 

Some are more comprehensive than others, offering a wider range of cover for things like personal accident, damage to other people’s property, or breakdown assistance. 

Others might be more basic, providing just the bare minimum coverage required by law.

Choosing the right policy for you will depend on a few factors, including how much you use your scooter, where you use it, and your personal risk tolerance. 

If you frequently take your scooter out in public or if your scooter is particularly valuable, you might want to consider a more comprehensive policy. 

If you mostly use your scooter at home or in private areas, a basic policy might be sufficient.

Remember that different insurance companies might offer different coverages, so it’s important to shop around and compare policies. 

Be sure to thoroughly read the policy document before signing up to understand what’s covered, what’s not, and what the terms and conditions are.

A good starting point for understanding the types of insurance suitable for a mobility scooter is our article Mobility Scooter Insurance Guide.

Can Anyone Get Insurance for a Mobility Scooter?

In most cases, anyone who owns a mobility scooter can get insurance for it. You don’t have to be a certain age or have a certain level of mobility to qualify for insurance. However, some insurance companies might have certain requirements or restrictions. For example, they might only insure scooters up to a certain value or they might not cover scooters that are used for commercial purposes.

It’s also worth noting that while insurance is generally available to all mobility scooter owners, the cost can vary widely depending on your personal details. Factors such as your age, driving history, and even where you live can all impact the cost of your insurance. Be sure to ask for a quote from multiple insurance providers to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Finally, if you’re considering renting a mobility scooter, you may want to check if the rental company provides any sort of insurance coverage. Some companies include basic coverage in the rental fee, while others might offer it as an optional extra. Read our guide on renting a mobility scooter for more information.

Does Home Insurance Cover Mobility Scooters?

In some cases, your home insurance policy might provide some coverage for your mobility scooter, but it’s not a guarantee. Home insurance policies differ greatly, and while some may cover mobility scooters under the personal property or off-premises property coverage sections, others might not offer coverage at all.

Even if your home insurance does offer some coverage, it’s important to note that it might not be as comprehensive as a specialized mobility scooter insurance policy. Home insurance policies usually cover risks like fire, theft, or damage due to certain natural disasters, but they might not cover things like damage caused by collisions, personal liability if you injure someone while using your scooter, or breakdown assistance.

If you’re relying on your home insurance to cover your mobility scooter, it’s important to read your policy carefully or speak to your insurer to understand exactly what is and isn’t covered. In many cases, it might be worthwhile to purchase a separate, specialized mobility scooter insurance policy to ensure you have the right level of coverage.

How Much Does it Cost to Insure a Mobility Scooter?

The cost of insuring a mobility scooter can vary depending on several factors such as the type of scooter, the amount of coverage needed, your geographical location, and the insurance company you choose.

Typically, insurance policies can range from $50 to over $200 per year. Premiums may be higher for more advanced or high-value scooters, especially those designed for challenging terrains, such as the best all-terrain mobility scooters. Always consider the cost of insurance when calculating the overall expenses of a mobility scooter, as suggested in our article discussing why mobility scooters can seem so expensive.

What Does Mobility Scooter Insurance Usually Cover?

Mobility scooter insurance often covers:

  • Accidental Damage: Damage to the scooter from accidents or collisions.
  • Theft: Protection if the scooter is stolen.
  • Third-Party Liability: Cover for legal costs and damages if you injure someone else or damage their property.
  • Breakdown Assistance: Covers the cost of repairs or roadside assistance in case your scooter breaks down, very handy if your mobility scooter stops suddenly or has other technical issues.
  • Personal Accident: If an accident results in serious injury or death.

These are standard, but additional options may be available. Always read your policy documents thoroughly to understand exactly what is covered.

What is Usually Not Covered?

Insurance does not usually cover:

  • General wear and tear: This is the usual decline in scooter condition due to regular use.
  • Unattended scooters: Losses due to leaving the scooter unattended without adequate security measures.
  • Non-approved modifications: Alterations that are not approved by the manufacturer, like the ones discussed in the common mobility scooter upgrades article, might not be covered.

These are the common exclusions, but there might be more depending on the insurer. It is crucial to read and understand the fine print in your insurance policy.

Will My Scooter Still Be Covered if I Travel With It?

Most insurance policies cover mobility scooter usage within the country, but international coverage might not be included. If you plan to take your mobility scooter on an airplane, or on a cruise ship (renting a mobility scooter for a cruise ship could be an alternative), verify the coverage with your insurer. Always inform your insurer about your travel plans to ensure proper coverage.

Are all Types of Mobility Scooters Covered?

Yes, generally all types of mobility scooters, from the best folding mobility scooters to heavy-duty mobility scooters, are covered by insurance. However, the amount of coverage and cost may vary based on the scooter type. Check with the insurance provider for specific details on the types of scooters they cover.

Does Medical Insurance Cover Mobility Scooter Usage Costs?

Medical insurance, including Medicare, might cover some or all of the cost of a mobility scooter if it’s prescribed by a doctor. However, this typically does not cover insurance or maintenance costs. Confirm this with your healthcare provider and insurance company.

Is it Mandatory to Get Insurance for Your Mobility Scooter?

Insurance for mobility scooters is not usually mandatory by law, but it is strongly recommended. It can provide financial protection against theft, damage, and liability. It can also provide peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered in case of an unforeseen event.

Do You Need a License to Drive a Powered Scooter?

In most regions, you do not need a license to operate a mobility scooter. However, there may be specific regulations regarding mobility scooters on the road or sidewalks. Always check local laws and regulations to ensure compliance.

For a more in-depth look into this, check out this article:

If I Lend My Scooter is the Borrower Covered?

In most cases, if you lend your scooter to someone else, they will be covered under your insurance policy. However, this may vary depending on your specific insurance plan. Always check with your insurance provider to be certain.

Best Companies to Insure Your Scooter

There are numerous insurance companies that offer mobility scooter insurance. Here are some top recommendations:

  1. First Insurance: Known for its comprehensive coverage and excellent customer service.
  2. Safe Mobility Insurance: Offers a wide range of policy options to suit different needs.
  3. Scoot Insure: Specializes in mobility scooter insurance, offering a variety of plans.
  4. Alliance Mobility Insurance: Highly rated for its affordable and flexible insurance policies.

Before making a decision, do some research and compare different companies and policies. For a detailed guide, check out the mobility scooter insurance guide.

All the claims made in this article are only for informational purposes, based on the writer’s experience and not clinical advice. You should always consult your physician or physical therapist if you have any doubts about how this applies to your specific case.